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 How To Find The Payday Loan To Suit You.

Payday loans are what most people turn to when they have an emergency and payday is still days away. Why? Because it’s the most accessible loan out of all. Most, if not all lenders are offering payday loans. A payday loan allows the borrower to bridge the gap to their next paycheck.

And that is also one of the reasons why people get stuck in an endless spiral of taking out payday loans, as they are mostly targeted to people who are already having difficulties making ends meet, thus making them dependent on payday loans.

How Does a Payday Loan Work?

Applying for a payday loan is very straightforward. Once you’ve provided your identification, banking information, and other details and requirements that the lender may ask of you, getting approved will be easy. Once approved, it can take about a day or two to receive your funds.

Most lenders and organizations advertise payday loans as a way to help people who can use a little bit of financial boost from time to time. They make their profit from the fees and interest that comes with the loan.

Payday loans doesn’t offer much compared to a traditional loan. A payday loan will offer a borrower anything around $500 or lower. Lenders usually get paid by making the borrower make a postdated check with the amount borrowed plus interests and fees. Lenders charge a significantly absurd amount of interest rates, with an annual rate of over four hundred percent.

What Are the Dangers of a Payday Loan?

Predatory lenders will set-up their customers to grow dependent on taking out payday loans because of the fees and interest that they charge, add the need to pay the loan quick and you have a recipe for disaster. Those two factors make it difficult for borrowers to completely pay off the loan and still be able to have enough for their monthly expenses. Many of which get loans from other organizations, which then makes the situation even worse.

Relying on payday loans leaves you little to no room for your monthly expenses, and as a result of that – you apply for another payday loan. And the cycle will continue until eventually, you are behind an entire paycheck.

Payday loans aren’t meant to be a solution, rather only a quick fix for any financial situation. If you are in a situation where you are in need to take out a payday loan, evaluate and examine your situation – see if there are any alternatives. Take a look at your budget and see if there are things that you can get by without having, and see if you can come up with extra money.

If you’re planning to take out a payday loan or any quick finance that is not urgent or an emergency, it would make more sense to save up rather than take out a loan.


If you are able to, avoiding a payday loan is the best course of action. When in need of financial help, there are better alternatives and ways to get better funding such as a credit union or banks. Most banks are now offering small loans similar to a payday loan, but with lower interest rates similar to those of credit cards.

Before deciding in taking out a loan, it’s best to weigh your options before committing to a certain loan. Approach different lenders and organisations and see who offers better rates. Even though it’s not advisable to max out your credit cards, but if you compare it to taking out a payday loan – the credit card is a much more favourable option.

Breaking the Borrowing Cycle

If you’re already using payday loans, it’s best to stop immediately. Try to pay your loan little by little to lower the balance and for you to avoid rolling the loan over. Make sure that the necessities in your house are of top priority.

Any remaining funds that you have after paying your monthly expenses, put it into paying your loan off. If you’re working with a good lender, they might be able to help you come up with a plan so you can repay your loan easily. Some may allow you to make two payments per month, but only do so if you have the extra funds.

Put a stop to any unnecessary expenses that you have until you have completely paid off your loan. Try getting a part-time job to get more cash flow, or find something to raise funds as soon and quick as possible. If you have any items that are not used in your household anymore, you can sell the said item.

Avoid Needing a Loan

Proper budget management and saving can prevent you from needing to taking out a payday loan. But if there were any emergency situations in which you can’t predict, that’s where the emergency fund comes in. Planning your expenses ahead of time can be a life saver and is the best course of action to avoid being in a situation where getting a loan is necessary.  If you’ve noticed that your paycheck aren’t enough to cover your expenses, then take a deeper look and weed out unnecessary spending.

If your budget and expenses have been already taken account for and still find your funds lacking, getting a second job might be the best course of action. Downgrading is also an option, be it your apartment or your car.